Saturday, July 12, 2014

Patisserie des Reves Tea Time - BHV/Marais

There's a new tea salon in town.
Department store BHV has conveniently opened a fun branch of Patisserie des Reves on their 3rd floor.
BHV 36 Rue de la Verrerie 75004
It's huge and pleasantly casual.
I love the decor.
All sun shiny yellow with interesting details.
But on to our mission. Janice and I have a Bucket Dessert List we need to check off and Pierre Conticini's prize-winning Saint-Honoré was waiting for our seal of approval.
We're big fan's of tarte citron so we couldn't give this a miss. We skip getting actual tea. One must be focused. No distractions allowed.
The stunning glassware is from Silodesign-Paris (we cleansed our palates between tastes with good ole l'eau de Paris tap water).
I brought along my special knife from home thinking we'd merely taste one thin slice and leave the rest.
Ha! Impossible.
Successive layers of caramelized feuilletée pastry make the base for two kinds of cream - crème patissiere à la vanille and crème légère both loaded with specs of vanilla bean. And topped with crunchy caramelized choux/cream puffs also filled with the vanilla pastry cream. It looks madly excessive but because it's not overly sweet as you'd imagine, the taste experience is delicate and light.
The Saint Honoré was invented in the 19th century by Simon Chiboust, whose shop was of course on rue St. Honoré. The patron saint of pastry chefs and bakers is St. Honoré by the way. The vanilla filling cream is called 'Chiboust crème' after chef Chiboust.
On to our obsession - Contacini's tarte Citron.
Another light and delicate creation with a topping of guimauve-like Italian meringue. The whole tarte is turned upside down and dipped into meringue. Then swiftly lifted up to get its unusual peak. Then lightly toasted with a blow torch.
There's a video here of the fabrication.
Even kids can do this!
Both lemon confit and lemon curd filling are suffiently tart and acidulate so you're not left with a sugary aftertaste in your mouth. This is what sets Parisian pastry far above the rest.
Sweet pink/rose is Patisserie des Reves signature color.
Their packaging is fun and playful. Grownups feel like kids here yet the pastries are sophisticated and sublime.
Somehow we missed the pink ice cream stand at entry...
I have pink on the brain since I saw this hot pink/rose kid's schoolbag in Monoprix(54€).
My schoolbag de reve...
BHV has a more sophisticated version from Marc Jacobs on sale (245€  -30% off) Hmmm..
They have a Paris Black version of my pink dream. Janice inspects and decides it will carry sketchbook materials nicely.
What do you think? 
We forgot to try the Patisseries' famous 'Lemonata'!
Do we go back to BHV again?  
Do you have a fav Bucket List Dessert we should taste in Paris?


  1. It is really a beautiful shop and all dishes are really looking tasty. It is nice place to spend time and eat these yummy dishes.


  2. Your rendition of the dessert is soooo perfect!
    never thought of a backpack for journaling things..great idea..
    Cute cute resto..
    Always fun to see somethingnew..
    Of always do!

    1. One MUST keep PB readers amused.
      Such hard work!
      Don't think I run around to these places for fun or anything...ahem :))

  3. Oh Carol, I love the color scheme of the really is a lemon meringue tribute. I wonder whether lots of patrons go for something citron?

    Your painting is also a treat...and very educational, too.

    I giggled at reading about your bringing your own knife. xo

    1. The sharp knife is genius. Makes for a cleaner cut, hence more educational cross section of the dessert. I think Carol was a surgeon in a past life.

    2. A pastry surgeon.
      ALWAYS !

  4. Sally9:45 AM

    Just yesterday I introduced my 15YO granddaughter to lemon meringue pie at the EAstern York, PA FArmer's Market. Not PAris decor but something special/unique anyway and a great piece of pie...not always the case with lemon meringue. THANKS so much for your blog.

  5. This looks so much friendlier than the original shop, although that's an awful lot of pink. The St. Honore looks perfect---meets all my requirements for tan, creamy, and crunchy. We'll have to try this in the fall. BHV is quite the place these days!

    1. TAN desserts! There are many at Parisserie des Reves.
      And yes this branch at BHV is much more user friendly...less intimidating.

  6. What a fun post today. Love the yellow decor, and the pink. I would love a taste of every one of those desserts. I did not know you bring your own knife.


    1. The Japanese Kyocera is good for clean cuts on pastry but I couldn't find it so brought my Wusthof.
      How else to get a good look at the insides?

  7. wonderful dessert and wonderful your watercolor work. I like them.

  8. I'm in sugar shock. I make no important decisions right now. I can smell all of it - your descriptions are spot on.

    1. But sugar is the minor note in French pastry, so not possible.
      Cream, butter, yes plenty of it.
      Best to share as Janice and I did.
      Plus I left my divine crust on the tarte :(
      Who am I kidding?

  9. Jeanne11:26 AM

    I really enjoy your pics of daily life. Beautifully photographed. I look forward to these posts from Paris

  10. cyndi from SD11:56 AM

    You're killing me are showing my favorite French desserts.We were staying just down the street from the BHV in April.How did I miss this beautiful patisserie,or maybe it hadn't opened yet.It's on my list for next time.
    I'm glad that you have a partner in crime for your dessert bucket list.

  11. your work is charming and makes me smile and is very inspiring too!! Thank you for sharing it/yourself with the world. : )

  12. The photo with the small child in red is so classically French. I'd know she was une petite parisienne just by her haircut and determined gait!

    1. So glad you noticed PC!
      One of my old favorites taken near the Luxembourg gardens.

    2. She looks exactly like my daughter...and although we live in the US, she is part French! ;)
      Great post as always! :)

  13. Rosemary F.1:18 PM

    Fabulous article! you have been working very hard for all of us. . . :)

  14. I am a pastry chef in Paris and I worked at the Patisserie des Reves. Your drawings are exceptional. I would be thrilled to share a patisserie by the Luxembourg gardens if you ever cared to, since I live very close. Keep up the beautiful descriptions and pictures. Truly wonderful! Abigail

    1. Love to Abigail.
      I tried to leave a comment but Goggle + won't let me :(
      Love your baking stories!!

  15. Meanwhile back in Washington state I'm gobbling fresh cherries but your lovely pastries made me sigh. I did finally have my very first macaron while in Luxembourg in your honor (after years of reading your blog and watching you eat!). I'll go snuffle up a few more cherries. The season is short and only fresh in season will do!

    1. Nothing tops fresh cherries in my book

    2. I've got to agree ... still snuffling up cherries like a pig hunting truffles.

  16. I need a two of those pink canister shapes (I think they say sable- so you don't have to empty them first. I will make the sacrifice and empathy them myself) for my pantry shelves. They are the only thing standing between me and the good life.

  17. Wow,Carol,WOW! Another fabulous(delicious!) post!
    Floating off to heaven!
    Thank you!!!

  18. Susan H.11:59 PM

    When did Patisserie des Reves install itself in BHV???
    It's going to the top of my list for next spring.
    Great you're up and about just like old times.

  19. Everything looks delicious; your sketch, your photos, the people, the shop's décor, and of course, the pastries.
    The Saint-Honore looks fabulous!

  20. I am living SO vicariously through you! Enjoy for me!

  21. BHV is always a good idea! But so is pastry!

  22. The petit garçon in red skipping down the sidewalk made me melt! V

  23. Marian9:13 PM

    there is now a patisserie des reves in london......marybone hight street.w1....'take away only....,but they may change that i

  24. Oh my, these all look amazing! I wanted to taste them as I read along... Thankfully we are headed to Paris in two weeks! Thanks so much for sharing these amazing treats! I am also glad to see your progressing recovery from the cast!! I'm glad you eventually did get a boot! Hope you are continuing to feel great! :D

  25. Is there such a thing as a Pastry Bucket List, because if not I am starting one and this delicacy is at the top of the list. Thank you once again Carol for the inspiration, because last month we were in Paris for one day and made a first time macaron run to Gerard Mulot near Jardin Luxembourg, for my family's first taste of the dear cookie you introduced me too on this blog. We now cannot wait until we can once again devour the sweet treats, in Paris of course, and especially the Caramel au Beurre Sale (sp?). Thank you dear Carol.


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